Product advising for early-stage B2B SaaS

Aside from building Softr and writing Product Levers
I also help early-stage SaaS companies reach their product potential.

What I can help you with

You have a unique vision, but that’s not enough to build a winning product. 

While I may not know your market better than you, I can help you refine your ICP, use case, competition, value props, and differentiation to create a coherent product strategy.

From there, we can then work together to turn it into an actionable product roadmap.

PLG is all the buzz now.

Anyone can give high-level advice like “give value fast” or “go freemium,” but the hardest part will always be building and fine-tuning levers to fit your specific context.

As someone who has implemented PLG many times over, I can help you:

  1. Build a growth foundation — audit tracking plan, define growth model, and set up experimentation process.
  2. Improve your activation, tactical retention, or monetization.

As a founder, you make every product decision during the 0-1 stage.

But as you go from 1-10, your job evolves into building a team that can scale your vision, which is a whole different beast to tackle.

I can help you create a blueprint to set up your product organization, craft a hiring plan and process, evaluate PM candidates, and mentor your team members.

I can also offer guidance on any day-to-day challenges you face while leading a product team.

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Hi, I’m Austin

I love exploring new ways of building and growing products. If this sounds like your cup of tea, feel free to get in touch or subscribe!

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